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Nice Gardens HG offers soft landscaping services to customers in Harrogate and the surrounding towns. Find plants, install vibrant flowers, and maintain a beautiful garden.

Call to arrange a free site survey.

Soft Landscaping: Welcome


When your garden is your escape from the every day, it is important to keep it looking good so you can enjoy the space year-round, it also adds curb appeal and character to your property. The trees and vegetation on your premises also play a significant role to the wildlife that lives among us.

Soft landscaping refers to the maintenance of the living parts of your outside space. You can achieve a visually pleasing design that is filled with plants from Europe’s finest nurseries. Nice Gardens HG can procure stock, plant flowers, and maintain the quality of your property’s soft landscaping features.

Soft Landscaping: About
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Your soft landscape garden design process starts with a free no obligation site consultation. This visit will provide the information required to generate a tailor-made project that fits your individual needs.  

Your design project will move through the following steps:

  1. Client Brief – You can plant ideas, outline your requirements, and state your preferences.

  2. Site Survey – Existing features and conditions will be recorded, and simple measurements will be taken.

  3. Concept Plan – You can finalise the layout of your proposed new garden.

  4. Master Plan – You can add modifications to your concept plan to form the final design.

  5. Planting Plan – Choose your planting location, count the number of plants, record existing species, and identify new plant species.

  6. Design Detailing – You can pick additional design details such as irrigation or lighting plans.

Installing a new garden on your property is a worthwhile investment. Your perceived house value isn’t the only thing that will go up, your peace of mind will increase as well.

Soft Landscaping: About


If you need advice on a soft landscaping project you have on the horizon, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. You will gain access to a comprehensive range of bespoke garden design services.
Call 01423 551520 for a free site survey and quotation.

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